Will your Garage Storage Solution meet the challenges of Family Life?

Homes do not grow with you. That’s why we have starter homes, family homes, and forever homes. If you think about it, the rooms in your home are basically static – the kitchen is designed for cooking, the living room for entertaining and the bedrooms for resting and regenerating. And while you may re-purpose empty nest bedrooms into craft rooms or man caves, you really haven’t strayed very far from their original purpose.

Now consider the garage – this room often has more square footage than any other in the home and it is the one room where change is not only anticipated, it’s inevitable. In addition to giving you a place to park your car, it must do double duty and serve as your storage unit. As the fabric of your family stretches and contracts through the years, you quickly learn that each of life’s stages comes with its own storage requirements. Your home will be your anchor and the rooms inside will continue to do what they were designed to do. The garage, however, may undergo many transformations in its lifetime with your family. If designed properly, the demands on your garage storage will easily keep up.

When your family is young, the garage makes room for baby carriages, doll strollers and three wheelers. It may also store a collection of water sprinklers, toboggans and other necessities that young children seem destined to acquire. Moving on from that stage, the garage may become a locker room where skis and skates compete for space with bicycles and baseball bats. It may also be home to a table in a corner with the latest science project in progress. Later on in this phase, the garage may become a makeshift training room or band practice arena, or even a bike repair shop. Then, just when you think you can reclaim the space as your own for garage storage, it may morph into an auto mechanic shop or a hair salon.

If your garage renovation included slatwall as your wall covering, the changes to what’s being stored will barely create a ripple. Slatwall accessories don’t care if you are hanging up a hula hoop, a bird feeder, or a leaf blower. And garage cabinets will hide bottles of bubbles as easily as containers of fertilizer. If you start with a good basic plan, creating the garage storage solution you need is easy and affordable.

Eventually, the garage will find its way back to you. Now you can let your imagination go and turn it into anything you want – a putting green, a fitness centre, or an year-round indoor patio. You might have to give up parking your car inside, but your garage won’t mind. It will wait patiently until the time comes to sell the house – and the lifecycle of a garage begins all over again.

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